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Grade Schools

JFH Educational Academy Private Elementary Schools

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Primary Grades

We offer an accelerated educational curriculum using a small (1:20) teacher to student ratio and individualized learning. The program includes introduction into reading, mathematics, social studies, science, literature, language arts, music, art, computer technology and physical education. Our longer academic year (185 days per year versus 176 days at most schools) provides your child with extra opportunities to learn and achieve academic excellence.

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Before and After School and Holiday Vacation Play Club

These programs are designed to provide a safe and constructive environment for your school age child. Activities include Sports & Games, Computers, Dramatic Play, Arts & Crafts, Study Hall, Music / Movement, Physical Fitness, Science & Discovery and Library Enrichment.  Meals included in the program.   Transportation is provided to and from most local school districts. JFH supports public school closings.   See Jolly Fun Day Camp for summer options.